• Driving to the office

  • Framer X invitation

    I just received my @framer X invite!!!

    More info on Framer X

  • The full Hobonichi Techo 2019 line is now available.

  • Remove minification in a Phoenix app

    In a Phoenix app, if you know beforehand that you don’t want your assets minified by Brunch, you can generate the new app with:

    mix phoenix.new your_app --no-brunch

    However, if you have already generated your app and decide later that you don’t want your assets minified by Brunch, place your asset files directly in priv/static and remove priv/static from .gitignore`.

  • In case you were wondering if @codinghorror has updated his quintessential post about displays, he hasn’t. However, he did comment recently that he hasn’t updated his displays: “Nope, just faster video cards 😉 and Kaby Lake.” - discourse.codinghorror.com/t/our-bra…

  • Interesting new concept from @ManningBooks, tokens to make micropurchases. You can unlock paragraphs, a chapter, or the whole book. You get 100 complimentary tokens to start.

    More details: www.manning.com/token

  • New Sigur Rós release: Route One

    The titles of each of the 8 tracks are Cartesian coordinates:

    • 63º32'43.7"N 19º43'46.3"W
    • 63º47'36.2"N 18º02'16.9"W
    • 64º02'44.1"N 16º10'48.5"W
    • 64º08'43.3"N 21º55'38.8"W
    • 64º46'34.1"N 14º02'55.8"W
    • 65º27'29.1"N 15º31'56.0"W
    • 65º30'17.9"N 18º37'01.3"W
    • 65º38'27.9"N 20º16'56.9"W

    I've plotted these using Topomaps and Mapbox:

  • The Salty Goat Soft Opening

    Soft opening of The Salty Goat in Spring Hill, TN. The Pork Belly Nachos were insanely delicious! The Milanese Torta was also great. The tacos, not so much.

  • With respect, Senator, this action is quintessentially political interference. twitter.com/SenBobCor…

  • The new Glif tripod mount for smartphones finally arrived. Very simple design that has 3 different mounting points, spring loaded expansion, and a lever lock. Excellent!

  • What a great music release day: Gorillaz, Violens, Jónsi, Sufjan, Cranberries, Feist, Foster the People, and The War On Drugs.

  • Soprano C, we like to keep it on a high note

  • Star Wars: Episode IX will be released on May 24, 2019! http://pnnx.es/2p2uLYP

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